About Us


Our Strength

Generally, our strength lies in the competence of our staff. We have a group of dedicated and result oriented workforce that has put us ahead of our competitors. Our philosophy of working closely with our clients to understand their needs and expectations and strive to exceed such expectations put us above our competitors. We are also known for delivery quality services on schedule and at the lowest possible cost

Equipment Supply Services

In partnership with Jutal Equipment Machinery Company Limited, we have the capability to supply the following oil and gas processing equipment; 

1. Oil Treatment Equipmenta.

a.)Oil/Water/Gas Separation Electrostatic Coalescers.

b.) Gas Boot / Degasser.

2. Gas Treatment Equipment,

a.) Gas Dehydration

b.) TEG Regeneration

c.) Gas Sweeting

d.) Fuel Gas Treatment Scrubber

3. Produced water Treatment Equipment

a.) Hydrocyclone

b.) Gas Flotation Skimmer.

About Us

Ar-Rahman is a Technical and Financial Services Consultant with a vested interest in Oil and Gas, Road Construction, Financial Investment and International Consultancy Services . Ar-Rahman also deal on procurement and sales of the following commodities; Petroleum Products, Crude Oil, New and refurbished Oil Refineries and Power Plants. We have established strategic partnership with experts and owners of integrated refineries such as Hemla Vantage AS Norway and PT Pertamina Indonesia to undertake crude oil and petroleum product marketing.

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